Dr. Charles William Leming

Professor of Physics and Physics Department Chairperson
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001
Highest Degree
Ph. D. in Physics, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, Michigan

Selected Grants and Projects

1976 National Science Foundation, Faculty Development Grant
1977 National Science Foundation,Student Science Training Program, Project Director
1979 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),Regional Energy
Conference, Organizing Committee
1980 Governor Clinton's Office, State Strategies for Energy Independence, National
Governors Conference, Workshop Leader
1981 U.S. Department of Energy, Research Participation Grant
1983 Arkansas Power and Light Company Summer Physics Institute Project Director
1985 Arkansas Education for Gifted in Summer(AEGIS)Technology and the Arts,
Workshop Leader
1988-1990 National Science Foundation Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement
Program, Project Director
1988-1989 Arkansas Department of Education Leadership Conference for Arkansas Science
and Mathematics Teachers, Associate Director
1990-1992 National Science Foundation Workshops for Elementary Teachers, Project
1991 Eisenhower Program, Workshops for Elementary Teachers, Project Director

1991 Eisenhower program, Business-Related Math-Science Activities, Assoc. Director

1991-1992 National Science Foundation, Workshops for Two-Year College Teachers, Project

1993 National Science Foundation, Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement
Program, Project Director
1996 SILO Research Grant, Faculty Mentor
1996-2001 NASA Space Grant, Mentor & Campus Representative
1996-1999 Arkansas Science Crusade Steering Committee and Trainer (NSF SSI funding)
2000 Sabbatical (Fall Semester), Course Development, "Nonwestern Cosmology."
2001-2003 NASA NOVA, Preparing Teachers for the Future, CoPI.

Selected Publications

C. Leming and P. Leming, In Search of Patterns and Principles, Guidebook published by Mid- America Museum, 1986.
C. Leming and D. Garrison, Rutherford Scattering Apparatus Utilizing Track-Etch Detectors,
AAPT Apparatus Competition, July, 1984. (This apparatus is currently manufactured by
Daedalon Corporation and is marketed by Daedalon Corporation, Tel-Atomic Corporation and
Fisher Scientific. The apparatus was described in "The Amateur Scientist," Scientific American,
February, 1986.)
C. Leming and P. Leming, A Hands-on Foucault Pendulum, received Favorite Exhibit Award,
Frank Oppenheimer Memorial Exhibit, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, January, 1987.
C. Leming, Computer Problems for Classical Dynamics: An Integrated Approach, Harcourt
Brace Jovanovich Publishers, San Diego, 1988 (128pp).
For reviews of this text see:
J. Daugherty, A Physics Workbook for Modern Times, Computers in Physics, July/August,
R. Beichner, A New Outlook for Mechanics Students, The Physics Teacher, December,
R. D. Peters, Practical Computing for Experimental Scientists, Computers in Physics,
February, 1989.)
C. Leming, Making the Grade, series of three 15 minute video scripts written for Arkansas
Educational television, 1988.
C. Leming and S. Austin, Science Activities for Elementary Teachers, one hour video program
(development and on-camera) for Arkansas educational Television, 1988.
C. Leming, Computer Problems for Modern Physics, Saunders, Philadelphia, 1990 (132pp).
C. Leming, A Partnership for Science Education, Joint Winter Meeting APS/AAPT, 1994.
C. Leming, D. Avery, J. Mollere, Designing a Small College Planetarium, Winter Meeting
AAPT, 1999.
C. Leming, P. Leming, Ancient Astronomy in Contemporary Fiction: Umberto Eco's
Foucault's Pendulum and Island of the Day Before, Invited Presentation, International
Symposium on Astronomy as a Model for the Sciences in early Modern Times, (Deutches
Museum, Munich), 2003.
C. Leming, P. Leming, Ancient Cosmology in Contemporary Fiction: Umberto Eco's
Foucault's Pendulum and Island of the Day Before, INSAP IV, (Magdelene College, Oxford,
England), 2003.

Continuing Education

NSF, Short Course in Optics, 1971, Southwestern at Memphis
NSF Chautauqua, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology, 1974, UT Austin
AAAS, Science and Man in the Americas, 1974, Mexico City
NSF Chautauqua, Microelectronics, 1976, LSU Baton Rouge
NSF Chautauqua, Soft Energy Paths, 1980, University of Illinois
Culture and History Tour, Western and Eastern Germany, 1988, 1990, 1993
New Liberal Arts Symposium, Sloan Foundation, 1991
NSF Workshop, Teaching Physics Using Digital Interactive Media, 1994
Science Crusade, Trainer Workshops, 1998
HSU Multimedia Grant, 2000
NASA NOVA Leadership Workshop, 2003