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Red River Astronomy Club
PO Box 3392
Texarkana, TX 75504

Ark-La-Tex Star Party
"What Amateurs Contribute to Science"
September 1-5, 2005 Labor Day Weekend

 Red River Astronomy Club will host a five day Star Party beginning September 1st and concluding Labor Day, Sept. 5th., 2005 at our  club  property located 13 miles west of Nashville, Ark.  The Star Party will have dark skies, plenty of camping space, vendors (Rex's Astro Stuff), PhD and amateur presentations, meals , T-shirts, swap meet, showers, electricity, door prizes, and if cloudy, movies on a 72 inch screen indoors.  We are currently looking into making available limited Broadband Internet access to the viewing field via wireless connection(802.11b/g).  Ethernet connections in main building. Even though we have probably the darkest skies in Arkansas our property is located on a county road and may see one or two cars a night but most of the time none. We are working on a detour with the local residents.

Scheduled Speakers:

Gary Hug, KS - (Comet Hug /Bell) F.A.S.T. Neo Program Click Here or Click Here
Dr. Laura Whitlock, LA LSUS – History of Amateurs 
Click Here
Dr. Jeff Robertson, AR ATU - C.V.s  
Click Here
Dr. Scott Austin, AR UCA – Spectroscopy 
Click Here
Chris Lasley, AR – CCD imaging   Click Here
John Reed, AR – Planetary Imaging
  Click Here
Roy Clingan, AR -
A52 Observatory: How to discover Asteroids

(subject to change, check web page for updates for updates)

Preregistration -   Five day admission $35. $10 each additional family member. One day pass $20
Late Registration - $50  One day pass $30  Meals $7 each, Friday 2, Saturday 2.  No meals offered if not registered.
T-shirts available at pre-registration only

Schedule (check back for updates, subject to change)

ArkLaTex Star Party schedule:

Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005

     11:00am Gate opens
       2:00pm - 4:00pm Movies Classroom
       6:30pm Registration
       7:00pm - 8:30pm NASA Movies
       9:00pm Gate locks, light restriction enforce

Friday, Sept 2, 2005

       11:00am Registration
       12:00pm Lunch - Preregistration only
         2:00pm John Reed
                     Classroom:  Newt. Collimation Techniques
         3:30pm Chris Lasley
                     Classroom:  CCD Image processing
         5:00pm Dinner - Preregistration only
Dr. Jeff Robertson, ATU
                   Classroom: Amateur Astronomers and Superhumping
                   Astrophysics:  The Center for Backyard Astrophysics

         9:00pm Gate locks, light restriction enforced

Saturday, Sept 3, 2005

         11:00am Registration
         11:45pm Lunch - Preregistration only
           1:00pm Dr. Scott Austin, UCA
                       Classroom:  Spectroscopy with Small Telescop
           2:30pm Swap meet
           4:45pm Dinner - Preregistration only
           6:00pm Dr. Laura Whitlock
                       Classroom:  History of the contributions by
           7:30pm Gary Hug ( Comet Hug / Bell ) KS
                       Classroom:   F.A.S.T. an Amateur Run NEO Follow-up
           8:30pm    First ArkLaTex Give Away Drawing
           9:15pm    Lock Gate, light restrictions enforced

Sunday, Sept 4, 2005

            2:00pm - 4:00pm Movies Classroom
            6:30pm Roy Clingan
A52 Observatory: How to discover Asteroids
            7:15pm Movies Classroom
            9:00pm  Lock gate, light restriction enforced

Monday, Sept 5, 2005

             2:00pm Checkout, lock gate